Monday, February 25, 2013

Hi Mom, Yes you can be facebook friends with Emily and amy! They are great!!! I would consider them some of my best friends! I'll get you Ethan's number so you can call him and tell him to come over and have dinner. Lynn is coming down today because he couldn't come down on the week end because the storm shut down all of St. Louis. It might sound like I am going though hard times but mom I want you to know that I am happy =),, very happy and I love being here is Sikeston and I love Elder Meryers. I will hopefully never let outside influences affect my inward happiness ever!!! Oh and I'm not getting transferred, Neither is Elder Meyes. So I will be finishing up my mission here in Sikeston. Elder Meyers was not too happy about staying here but he is happy to be with me. Monday we went over to the Sanders and taught a lesson to the kids!I love the kids here! Most of the kids run and tackle me when they see me mostly the Frederick's kids (black mold family) It is hard for me to do anything because they are always trying to climb on me or what ever. Sadly that family is not changing much. Oh and Brother Sanders is a really good ankle doctor so he is going to look at my ankle tomorrow! I have a surprise for you next week =) You are going to love it=) but you have to wait until next week=)

Elder Meyers fingernails.

Elder Meyers getting his fingernails painted.

Lynn and Alex at Lamberts.
Home of the throwed rolls.
Tuesday I was in Popular Bluff on exchanges. It was good but I hate leaving my area because when I leave nothing gets done!!! Wednesday we had district meeting. It was good The couple missionaries were there you know the old ones) well she thinks I have a devil in me... but they are crazy and the ward want them kick out haha. They are nice but just crazy! I don't have a devil in me I promise, but I was not very happy on Wednesday but I am trying to help the ward. My companion and I have the whole area and about 20 people that we are teaching so sometimes my brain is on overload... but my headaches are still not too bad. If I pray often and work hard and do the right things I normally don't have a headache. But Thursday I had maybe the worst headache on my mission. After service Elder Meyers jokingly hit me in the back of my head. Now I've asked him not to do this... but he hit me pretty hard. I asked him very nicely to not ever to that again and explained again how much that really hurts me. The spirit rebuked him pretty hard.. and JI've been watching how people handle guilty he handles it by trying to be funny and not take it seriously. Some people get mad or really defensive and some just don't talk for a long time. But anyway he handles guilt really bad. I am thankful that the Lord watches over me and helps me become a better person because at the time he hit me I wanted to beat him up way bad. I think that he thinks he is stronger than me... but anyway I handled it well and the Lord helped me But the headache it gave me WOW!!!!! It was bad!!! The back of my neck felt like it was on fire and the top of my head had sharp pains running through it .It was really bad but I went and prayed to the Lord and he took it away pretty fast... It took me about a day to get over the feeling of wanting to beat him up. But sometimes it is hard because I don't know what to do for him to teach him a lesson to correct him. I don't know what to do sometimes. Anyway we had a good day and we taught a guy named Danny and he wants to join the church but his wife is not ready. Well she stayed for the lesson and it was great! She talked a lot and so hopefully they will be baptized soon. Saturday we got to do some tracting but it is still hard to get Elder Meyers to tract but he is a lot happier this week. Ever since Friday he has been so happy! but finding out he is not getting transferred might change that but for a few days he has been really happy! Maybe he has been taking those pms pills hahaha. That was so funny mom. (I sent a package this week with a bunch of medications in it because Elder Meyer was not feeling well last week. I accidentally included some over the counter p.m.s. pills. I didn't realize I had done this until I read this letter and remember setting those aside but they must have gotten mixed back in with the things I sent. I'm sure Elder Meyers thinks I am crazy.)Thank you for the package mom! you are the best!

Elder Williams is going to the St. Louis zone and Elder Philips is going to Charleston, Illinois. I am really going to miss Elder Phillips. Are you ready for a funny story!! Well Sunday morning I was having a great study in the morning, I mean I was really loving it and I looked down at my watch and .....WE HAD TEN MINUTES UNTIL CHURCH STARTED AND I WASNOT EVEN DRESSED!!!! We were 2 minutes late.... I was so embarrassed... and now for a funny/scary story...
We were teaching a family and the mom asked if she could paint my nails. I said no way that will look weird and that is just not ok. so guess what my companion said... "you can paint my nails... We had a member there! Do you know how it sounds when a member tells other members that a missionary let a girl paint his nails? Not that painting nails is that bad. A little weird on a guy but it is the calamities of that action! any way I have pictures to prove it.... but I am sure half the ward know about it and It is going to be harder to get referral... anyway we taught Jessica in Oran, a small little town here that I love. There is a good feeling about missionary work there for some reason. but we are teaching a family and they have a Bull Mastiff (those Huge dogs) and it is the sweetest thing ever! but we were teaching this family and Moses, the dog. bit a little girl outside. Now is was so the little girls fault. So everything stopped Moses didn't even bite her hard enough to draw blood, or break the skin. But it is a dog bite so the cops had to come and they were so worried that they would have to put Moses to sleep. Jessica started crying really bad... It was sad but mosses is going to live! The mom of the girl is not going to press any charges or anything. We got another referral up there for a mom whose 12 years old daughter tried to kill herself.. So that is going to be hard but we can help here if she will let us. Well we have gotten so may referrals Like 7 of them which is a lot. I have 6 more weeks here in Sikeston, Missouri I hope that is enough time to change some lives but I am worried that it is not. We are going to get our pictures in the news paper down here. I will try to send a copy home to you. I am still waving and smiling at everybody in town =) It is fun to make people smile =) I just wish the town was smaller so I could get to know everyone like in Fredericktown. If you can get the town to love missionaries then you have got a lot going for you! Don't forget that you have a surprise coming next week! I Love you mom! I am trying to make you proud! Tell Teej I love him and I have something for him that I will mail home soon! he will love it! Do you know a Kenny Allbrick? I am teaching his son.
                                Love, Elder Campbell

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