Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am sure you already know about the big storm that his St. Louis. We are fine and all of the missionaries are fine some of the missionary cars are not fine. They have broken windshields and windows. We were safe at a members home eating hamburgers.

Zone leaders conference was this week, Elder Hinton and I put our feet down on a couple of things so I hope none of the other zone leaders are upset with us but when you see an bad seed ( bad ideas or somewhat false doctrine) you have to cut it down right when it starts. I'll be having lunch with Lynn tomorrow. >.<  Anyway I'll get on with explaining the week. Monday is p-say so nothing really happens but we had dinner withe the blacks and a non member we taught the lesson at YSA family home evening and it went really well. We hope he is baptized soon. Then Monday night we went over to the ap's home. They live in a members home that is really nice. We slept over their to get an early start on our ap exchange. Tuesday I was with Elder Stewart, we went down to Washington's district meeting to give a training and to follow up with our Elders that were struggling. We are going there on Tuesday to check on them again. The best part is Lynn is taking us!!! >.< After the district meeting we drove back and had our zone leader ap meeting. Then we went to Pagedale to have an exchange with the elders there. We always worry about the Elders in Pagedale because it is the really bad part of the city. Don't worry we only go there about once a month. On Wednesday we went over to Parkway to exchange with the Elders there. We are trying really hard to set an example for the Elders there. We had dinner with the Tates and a meeting with the Elders President. Thursday we tracted and had zone leader council prep. The Harris family was kind enough to drop off dinner to us. Then we taught the Freeman's which went really well. Friday we had zone leader council from 10 am to 5 pm, long meeting. Then we had dinner with the Fairchilds. Saturday we planned for the week and planned for district and zone leader council. then we had dinner. Sunday the Freeman's were at church.We had great church meetings. Then we had dinner withe the Morgens and then we had our district  zone leader council.

Mom, thank you so much for all you do. Sorry for the confusion about my neck size. >.< I love my mission. Just a reminder, how lucky you and dad are to have a temple so close to you. I think every Monday you should go to a movie-----the movie at the temple. >.< Love ya mom, Love ya family.
Sorry I have been so busy and don't send hand written letters! If it makes you feel any better no one has  had one in a while. Love ya stay safe. Bye, Elder Campbell

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