Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have thirty minutes today so I am gonna do my best to type fast. This week started with us having lunch with Javier! He is one of the best people ever! Elder Hinton packed the rest of the day and I said my good byes to Elder Buys. Tuesday started withe some tracting and updating the part member list then we stopped by the Mahaffeys so Elder Hinton could have one last loaf of home made fresh bread. We also took dinner to one of the Mahaffy's friends. Then we had a lesson with the Freeman's they were not at church this Sunday, I hope they can jump on the train and ge baptized. Then we had dinner at the Mecains. They are a great family and the father has a really strong testimony , we gave him a blessing. Then we meet with Teresa a convert to the church that night. Wednesday started with a transfer meeting and we dropped off Elder Hinton and picked up Elder Jager. We did some zone planning together and some tracting. I don't remember a lot that day, it was just a big change. Thursday was Elder Bullocks district meeting which was really good it was great to see Elder Bullock. He is just such a good guy and a familiar face. I did get to go to one of the baptisms that was going on in the zone it was the sister's baptism. Menlo Smith was the person who baptized Kathryn but anyone who know brother Smith knows  Knows that he is Willy Wonka!!! He is the owner of Willy Wonka... He also bought the land for the temple! Not too many people know that but I do! I shook his hand. Sunday the Bishop cam up to me it turns out that he is great friends of the Carters. (The Carters are some old friends that used to live in the ward that Alex is serving in) So He is going to set up an appointment with brother Tomas, the eye doctor, I' have been to his house It is really nice. I am trying to be loving. It is so easy to love the members. but missionaries I am still having trouble but maybe love is for those you love and charity is for those you don't love hahaha anyway things are going great! I don't want to make it seem like time are rough but I could really really use some prayers. That would be great... any I hope thing go great at home! I am glad that Dad, Sarah and Izack are fine after their collision with the antelope. Love ya Max, Love ya Sarah (is that enough to write to Sarah and Max) Wll it is all they are getting today. I love ya! DON'T FORGET TO  PRAY FOR ME.

SO I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED NEW SHIRTS!!!!! You can send me the money and I'll go buy them at the mall for a great price. Hopefull. Any bike pump will do but we could really use one. Elder Jager is from Oregon. I don't know much about him I'll find out more later.
                                Love ya, stay Sweet.
                                  Elder Campbell

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