Monday, April 23, 2012

Life as a zone leader!

So this week started off with an exchange with Elder Crowley a Spanish missionary (he is one of the district leaders). We tracked most of the day. He has never really been tracting and kinda was not looking forward to the afternoon of tracting. We tracted a pretty long street. He said he had fun and loved going tracting that day, he said he just felt good the whole time we were tracting and it was nice to know he could do hard things. Then we had dinner with the Jarvis's Then we tried to visit this part member family and this time he was home and he is open to us coming over and sharing some lessons. Then we had our little pow wow with the district leader to talk about howthe missionaries are doing and how the work is going and anything we need to tell the ap's when transfers come. Wednesday we were planning on tracting again because all of work has gone down the pooper but to our surprise we had a little problem with missionaries not getting along so we had to try to fix a few things. Pride can cause so many problems. I am hoping I can control my temper and be a good example. That took care of Wednesday because they live a long way from us. Thursday we took a depressed missionary to a doctors appointment know what it is like to be around a depressed missionary for five hours? IT IS DEPRESSING! The days really suck when it start like that. Friday we took another missionary to the doctors in the morning. We tracted the rest of the day.

The ward is putting on the play Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat. The bishop asked if we could be the ushers. It was really fun. Saturday we had correlation meeting with the ward mission leader and we had breakfast there. Then we finished weekly plannning. Sunday we had our 6 hours of church and had dinner at the Manwells. Sister Manwell served her mission in alabama the same time dad served his mission ther. Her name was sister Shumway.

I am trying to do this thing where I go though each day of the week so I have more to write about but I don't think that I like it because it is really depressing. Ha Ha Ha. But I'm doing fine. Let the hard time's come. I'll endure them and I'll try my best to endure them well. but we get fed well and I want you to know the ward is always looking out for us. We have people telling us when storms are coming. They make sure we have good chairs. This is the first week I've had all 0's on my letter to the president so that was a stab in the heart, but it is not like we saked out out in our apartment ... just busy fixing missionaries but president knows that anyway. Love ya family. I hope your week was better than mine =) but don't worry I'm happy and doing great. 

John Doty's friend is a great guy.   Love Ya, Elder Campbell

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