Monday, April 16, 2012

Pray for our zone!

So I need to ask you a special favor. Would you pray for our zone? Some of our elders are really struggling and they can use the extra prayers. You don't have to worry about me getting swept away by a tornado the members are looking out for us, they have us on call if there is a bad storm. Yesterday we were at a members home with a basement and they were checking the weather on their phones. Chesterfield has sirens so we are covered =) Nice and safe here in Chesterfield! I am a little sick but you don't need to send anything it will be better by tonight.

Our area is really struggling we are doing out best but it looks like times are going to be rough for the next little while. I have a strong desire to work hard and I'm on page 330 in The Book of Mormon. I know you are trying to finish the D & C so don't worry about the race. We had some rough days but I love having Elder Hinton as my companion because if there is a sad time it is not too much longer and we are laughing and doing great.

If you get some papers sent to you from the Manchester police department don't worry worry I didn't do anything wrong. We got rear ended and they might send something to the home address but don't worry everything is taken care of =) me and the car coordinator are best friends by now.

My goal as zone leader is to help the zone reach its baptismal goals, it is a tricky balance. I think I am gonna email you some of my favorite talks. I've come across on my mission.

Can you send some peanut butter and honey? Peanut butter and honey are the best thing ever. (Apparently they don't sell Peanut butter or Tuna in Missouri.) Lynn is going to come out and have lunch with us soon. There ins't too much rain here not even close to the rain in Fredericktown. I'm pretty good at looking for tornado's too. When I come back we are going to go on hikes and stuff just to make sure you are in shape. I love getting your emails by the way emailing is something I actually don't mind any more. I'm sorry if I don't share too many spiritual things I promise I've learned a lot. I'll just have to to share insights every morning during scripture study with the fam. Love ya, Mail ya next week.

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