Monday, April 9, 2012


So Yup my birthday was just a normal day out in the mission field, just the way I wanted it. =) I guess it feels neat to have bean out a year but it more or less just feels like I've been doing this my whole life! I am so super excited right now because we have a family that is doing really well! A FAMILY!!! I've been super blessed to be able to work with a lot of families on my mission. We just got a new ward mission leader, Brother Voils. I am super excited because he is an ex bishop so things are gonna start happening like crazy and we got 4 referrals this week!!!! It looks like the ward is starting to love me and Elder Hinton.

It always makes me sad to hear about and have struggling missionaries in the zone and mission and so forth. It turns out that Fredericktown's missionary work is basically slowed down to a stop but I guess areas and missionaries have their ups and downs. I know Fredericktown is a great area! I am going to try to do everything I can think of to help the missionaries that are struggling. Thank you so much for the family support. It makes a huge difference in a missionaries progress and mental and emotional health to have a good family supporting them. So Thank you so much for all you do Mom and family... I can't fully thank you until I get home but just know how much I appreciate all you do.

 Any one who knows Alex knows you better run or hit the ground if you see this look, because you are
                                                                about to get tackled.

I have been trying to progress but it is not an easy road, we slip up and fall down or make a wrong choice. It says in the white hand book that I am supposed to share spiritual experiences with my family... even thought I have them all the time I can't really explain spiritual experiences even in person correctly and clearly so I don't know how I can do it via email. So I just found the spell check so my emails might make more sense now. Tell Sarah thank and that I'm really sorry I don't send more hand written letter. When I do write letters they are usually to missionaries and converts. I do love the family I'll just see you all the time back home and hopefully be stuck with you in the celestial kingdom but everyone will be equal family there. But, you gotta work for it you slackers! ( I can call you slackers cuz I am a missionary). What are  you and Dad going to do when all the kids are out of the house? You are just gonna be lame old people! Anyway I miss you old lame people. I miss Max and I kinda miss Sarah >.<



Then a few minutes later I received a wonderful email from the sweetest sister in Alex's ward. And she sent pictures too.

Dear Carol

Okay, these have to be the sweetest elders we've ever known. They came for Easter dinner last night and we put them on the spot. We all asked them questions for about an hour. You would have loved to hear their answers. They talked about the family, their prep for missions, their mission experiences ( highs and Lows), their companionship  and their testimonies. They are good, good, good young men. You would be SOOO PROUD. I WISH WE HAD RECORDED THEIR ANSWERS FOR YOU. JUST KNOW THAT THEY ARE AMONG THE FINEST! THE BEST OF THE BEST.  The purest of the pure!

I had them stop by this morning to catch a few shots of them for you. As you can see they are a great team. They are unified. They are equally yoked. Our own son leaves for the Philippines in just a few short months. I can only pray that he will be like these two young men. I hope with all my heart that he will be blessed with a companionship like this one.

I send you their love and mine too,

Jeanette Mahaffey

I wish I could climb through the computer and hug this wonderful sister she has no idea how much the sweet letter and pictures mean to me.

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