Monday, April 2, 2012

     Thank you for the great email! Conference was great! Elder Perry's talk was my favorite, it was truly an answer to a prayer. So I have not gotten any packages yet. I am staying in Chesterfield and so is Elder Hinton. =) I forgot my camera I was going to send some pictures home. Elder Newby goes home this week. I am going to miss him. He has been a huge inspiration to me. I did get Sarah's package. I Love it! will you thank her for me. I really will write her soon I have just been Sooooooo busy.  Elder Rudd and Elder Woodbury are coming into the zone. I am really excited to see them again.
     I am really sleepy today which should make playing sports and planning interesting. Thank Zach for the email those always make me so happy. I really need to get busy and loose some weight! Lynn's wonderful cooking and all of the great cooks here in Chesterfield are making me FAT! I NEED NEW SHOES!!!!!
     I had a huge list of things to email about but I left it in the apartment.... I'll send some pictures and bring my list next week. I have a family I am working with and hope to baptize soon! Thanks for Everything.
                                                                   Love, Elder Campbell

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