Monday, March 19, 2012


     Sorry,  I don't have any pictures to send. I probably won't be taking very many here because everything is just like home. It feels just like home here. THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL TIE! It is my new favorite tie! If it were any more crazy and colorful I couldn't wear it. It is just right! So this week we heard from Elder Bednar twice. The first time it was a question and answer and the second time was a talk. I learned a lot but I can't explain it in an email. Throughout his talks he focused on agency and to act and not be acted upon. Elder Bendar did a wonderful job!
    That is is so cool that Teej is a zone leader too! Hopefully he can give me some advice! I sent a letter to him not too long ago but we are going to be really busy now so the letters might slow down. I could send a video to you if I had my camera with me. I took a video of of a storm that was really loud not scary or anything just really, really loud.
    The sister that was homesick is doing better and yes that is the sister who has the brother in Kenya. That is so cool that the Hartmans know him. I can't wait to tell the Hartmans all about my mission. I love how the thing that I am most excited about coming home for is to see everyone and tell them about  my mission but that is still a long time away.
     This week is leadership meeting!!! I am so excited because Lynn is catering the meeting. That means the food will be great but most of all I GET TO SEE LYNN!!!! I am learning a lot out here and it gets a little stressful when people don't progress as quickly as I would like. Keeping track of the zone and helping the other missionaries can be stressful but I love it.
     Thank you so much for the packages! Time is flying by here and I want it to stay that way. We need to do a better job finding people/working with the members. I am short on time we have to go back to a members home and snag our laundry. I'm sorry I don't have more time to write. Thank Zach for the letter. Tell Coleen I love her. Tell Sarah thanks for the kite. I will write back to her I have just been so busy. Tell Max thank you for saving Darwin again and to get better at other things than Mass Effect 3 >.< and that I Love him. Love ya Mom! Elder Campbell

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