Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One More transfer in Frederickton!

     So the mission has a blog now www.missouristlouismission.blogspot.com  So check it out when you get a chance!! It will have pictures of the mission and stories and all sorts of stuff on it. So I'm not getting transferred! But, Elder Rudd is!!! So I am going to be a follow up trainer. My new companion has only been out for 6 weeks and I am kind of nervous because I am still a greeny and now I am going to be senior companion and running Fredericktown. I would love it if you guys would pray for me to do a good job.
      Elder Rudd's back is doing much better! So that is good. Last week was the hardest week of my mission because we couldn't work and we had to stay in the apartment.... It was hard for me to have sympathy especially since I was teaching the night that I broke my ankle and worked full days from then on (not to mention that when he broke his back I didn't take him to the hospital for four days and made him do his eagle project swinging a pick ax for 8 hours) I was a little frustrated that we couldn't do anything last week... but it is all good. Oh the weather is so nice. It is in the 70s and it feels perfect. The Boatwrights are doing really well and the Ortens will be baptized this Sunday =) I am so happy that I am staying in Fredericktown and excited for my new companion.    Love,  Elder Campbell

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