Monday, September 26, 2011

Starting to feel better!

I'm doing much better now last week was really hard with my headache but I'm doing so much better now. My headache is starting to go away=) We found 4 new investigators and taught 11 lessons and had an amazing lesson with this family in the middle of no where! It is an hour and a half drive from fredercktown. Super far away which is super annoying because they regulate the miles so much but there is a member that takes us out there but the problem is getting a ride back >.< Brother rains has known about the church for some time and has also taken lessons from the elders a few years ago. He has been working with his wife so that she would listen to the missionaries and a few days ago they were ready so we got a media referral from church headquarters to go visit them. It was fantastic the wife really enjoyed it and brother rains wants to quit smoking so he can be baptized. The Boatwrights have agreed to live the word of wisdom. B.J. has the date of October 8th to quit smoking and Sister Boatwright has stopped drinking coffee. Half of the family was at church the other half had to stay home because they were sick. The Ormans are also doing great! Autumn wants to be baptized!!! She loved the young woman activity! The Ormans will continue to come to church=) I'm going to start taking a lot more pictures because I haven't been taking that many.... But Zack wanted me to send some pictures of the leaves changing so I'll do my best but they say it is going to be a really ugly year just because of the weather. And whats up with the weather???? It seems weather is going crazy everywhere. It rained here all day yesterday. Thank you so much for the emails. They were much better that last week! I loved getting emails from Zach and Max those always make my week! Sorry for the short email but I have to email President Clark.   Love,  Elder Campbell

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