Monday, September 19, 2011


    YOU GUYS GOTTA SEND BETTER EMAILS THAT THAT!!!!! I send better emails and I don't even write very much:) Today was zone p-day so we are emailing a little late. It is super annoying to have this hurt ankle. It limits so many things I can do! Yes it is super wonderful that the Ortons got baptized! The Boatwrights didn't make it to church =( But don't worry they will be there next week! I had a super bad headache on Saturday and today just because I've been so stressed about the Boatwrights but everything is going well now. The Ormans came to church last week we tracted them out about 4 months ago. Now they are getting active again. Their youngest daughter is getting baptized.
    Oh, It is so super stressful being senior companion so soon but I'm doing a very good job. I want you to know you can be a proud missionary mom because I am working super hard!!! I've been blessed with participating in the baptisms of seven people. >.<
     Elder Bullock is from Alberta Canada. I don't know much about him other than my last two companions remind me of Max. (It seems everyone reminds him of Max) I haven't lost any weight for a while.... I should fix that. So you should totally pray for the Boatwrights. If that family gets baptized it will be the happiest I've ever been in my life! I don't know if I can handle Fredericktown for another transfer but I won't complain if I do because this is a wonderful place. I should probably start taking a lot more pictures because I really don't take that many but I'm going to start keeping my camera on me so you will be getting a lot more pictures. I have no stories or anything other than this week was super stressful!!!!! and I never get stressed..... I love you and hopefully things are going better next week.
                                                  Love, Elder Campbell

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