Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alex's First Letter

I finally got a letter from Alex today! I was beginning to think he was serious about not writing home the whole two years he was gone. Thursday will be his P-day in the MTC. The P stands for Preparation day, the day that missionaries write letters and do their laundry. Alex had said he was going to dress up like a pirate and say he thought  the P was for Pirate. I'm sure you can all see Alex doing this. So the letter didn't say much but he is alive and well. He teaches his first investigator on Tuesday and he is a little nervous for that. I know it would lift his spirits to hear from you so if you get a chance write him a letter or you can e-mail him on just set up an account and fill in Alex's information Elder Harold Alex Campbell, his mail box # is 150, mission code is Mo-STL and his departure date is 05/03 He will get the e-mail the same day if it is sent in the morning, but he cannot respond by e-mail so please let him know your mailing address so he can write you back. Thank you for supporting Alex!

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