Thursday, May 19, 2011

The First Bicycle Crash!

    It is a lot of fun out here. We don't have a ward out here but there is a branch. The branch area is huge! The Houtans drive 40 minutes to get to church. Elder Beatty and I are getting good numbers, we are passing out a ton of books of mormon! We are teaching a lot of people and bringing a lot more people out to church. The members of the branch are really excited because of all the activity in Fredricktown.
     Thank you so much for the bike, sorry it was so expensive but it was like the cheapest one they had. We bike a ton!!! We have to save our miles for when we have to travel 50 or more miles. We only get 1200 miles a month and we have to drive up to St. Louis. There is some rough road out here>.< I went off a three foot drop off which was scary because it was 9 at night and dark but my nice bike saved me.
    Thanks for all of the food, that helps on cutting down costs. I gave a talk at church yesterday. It was pretty good, most of the people shed a tear. The investigators we brought, the _______ were crying. So I think that they must of felt the spirit. There were about 60 people there which is a full house. We have been teaching a lot of lessons lately so that has been fun. We are teaching a person named______ , he chews and drinks though so we will have to fix that. Actually everyone we are teaching drink, smokes, chews or uses illegal drugs or all of the above.
     There are not a million bugs here so don't send anymore bug spray. I will send some pictures next week.  I forgot my cable this week. We work 11 hours a day study for 2 hours and 1/2 hour of exercise and 8 hours to sleep, so we are really busy! Baptisms are really hard to get here but each baptism is a miracle out here because it demands so much sacrifice from each person.
                                                                          Bye for now,
                                                                       Elder Campbell

Sorry for omitting names but I have heard that mission presidents don't want investigators names used in blogs. So I hope you will understand.

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