Monday, May 23, 2011


      The only thing I might need is some more pants cuz the one's I have aren't working out but I'll get some at wall-mart. Oh, and we are out of snickers and I wana get elder Beatty fat before he goes home. If there is one thing I have learned on my mission it is the importance of have a clean house! Some of the places out here are so bad! We where helping to teach some people on Sunday and we went to this house and it was so bad!!! Not the worst one so far but really bad like open bottles of ketchup and ranch dressing. There were cockroaches all over the floor, (I better not describe the rest). Andy Houghton, who is my favorite person ever, was so sick of bugs crawling all over us after 1 hour we knew it was time to go. But that is not the worst house I've been to out here >.< to give you an idea I would rather sleep underneath the cabin than stay a night in some of the houses out here cuz it is just nasty, nasty, nasty. There was a cool thunderstorm last night. (Little does he know I was up all night checking the satellite and radar screens for Fredricktown Missouri because of the tornados hitting that area.) The thunder is more like a constant growl in the air here. The tornado sirens didn't go off so that was comforting and we have a member that lives close that has a big house and a tornado basement so we are safe if a tornado hits. =) Huge June bugs fly around and scare you, the fireflies are really cool.
     We set two baptism dates yesterday so if those take place this area will be double the baptisms that the president set for the standards of excellence.

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