Monday, October 3, 2011


   So it was a very interesting week I also grew a lot this last week. So on Monday as we walk into the Boatwrighst at about 8 o'clock for our appointment I could tell something was either really right or really wrong. Sister Boatwright had big  black bags under her eyes. As she started to explain that they had been praying for two months now that they had not received an answer about the church being true. They had many experiences that day that had told them otherwise. As sister Boatwright started to cry she was not able to speak Brother Boatwright explained that we are always welcome and that we had taught them so much.... as I reflected on the lesson I received much peace. I am not going to tell the whole story about what was said but as of now the Boatwrights are still investigating the church, They are living the word of wisdom. Brother Boatwright has given up alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee! A very long list of things that he quit with nothing but faith that it was a commandment of God. Sister Boatwright gave up smoking the first day she met us without knowing the word of wisdom. She has now also given up tea and her beloved coffee. Not knowing everything that will happen with the Boatwrights because they are moving soon I know I have helped them in their life. They are also reading the book of Mormon everyday. I am very happy in their decision to continue to investigate the church.
    Tuesday was zone conference so we got to hear from President and Sister Clark, which was great. I have come to have a testimony on the holy ghost. If we listen to the holy ghost we will never make a wrong choice, because a perfect being cannot make a wrong choice. General Conference was also this week. The first session on Saturday was my favorite. I have many notes from conference but I'm not going to take the time to type them. One thing I do want to say is " Harken not to mans understanding, but to Gods and then you will not be tossed to and from with waves and winds of foolish doctrine"
    Melvin and Brother Rains and his son came to priesthood which was wonderful. The Rains family is a referral from church headquarters. They live an hour and a half away and are golden investigators! The most powerful first lesson I have taught was in their home. I admonish (I use big words now) the Campbell family to live worthy and invite the Holy Ghost to dwell with you every second of the day. Probably in the next year or so I'll send my study on the holy ghost home.  O.K. I am done being the serious Elder Campbell. Even though it has been a rough week it has been a wonderful week!!! If we didn't have to go through the refiners fire now and again life would be a mock unto the saviors atonement. Remember always strive to become better. For our progression brings happiness to God and to us and the Holy Ghost is needed for spiritual progession. I LOVE YOU MOM AND FAMILY!!! Max do your family history as the apostles have asked you to. The blessing promised with it is to good to give up.
I'M HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME!       LOVE,  Elder Campbell

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  1. What a great email! He is really growing in the gospel. Isn't it great to see? My friend told me once regarding our sons when they go on missions, "They leave as boys and come back as men and we missed the whole thing!" You can sure see the growth.