Monday, October 10, 2011

     Alright, first of all I do have the smartest turtle in the whole world. (He is referring to a comment I made about his turtle, Darwin, not being the sharpest turtle in the pond.) I called the zone leaders on Saturday night to report a baptism date, it was Elder Vickers on the phone (a good pal of mine) during the phone call he got a call from the mission office so our call ended early. A few minutes latter I received a call from the zone leaders. I have to go up to St. Louis Saturday morning for a special meeting >.< It is for people that will be training. Now this is really cool and neat but I don't know if I'm ready to train soooo.... there is still a chance that I won't train but It really looks like I'm going to train. I know president has better and older missionaries but young missionaries can learn a lot by being together. But when you train now you stay with your son ( the person you are training) for 12 weeks, that is 2 transfers which means I would be in Frederictown for 9 months if I trained here... So I might be white wash training (that is 2 new missionaries in an area) but if I stay in Fredericktown that will be over 1/3rd of my mission in Fredericktown! ......... I don't know if I can handle that. >.<
     I don't share a lot of my really neat experiences and I probably should share some things >.< So the Ortons have moved to a home a little bit out of Fredericktown! They are doing so great. Brother Houghton (my best friend) shared his testimony this fast Sunday now you know I never cry or get emotional. I had tears in my eyes when Andy was done. He was reactivated by Elder Beatty and Elder Beatty also baptized his wife. Andy had fallen away from the church but now they are the most amazing members ever. Oh and they got some squirrel meat for me to eat >.< Eating Squirrel meat is just part of being in Fredericktown.
     Elder Bullock is doing really well. I promise I will tell you more of my missioon when I get home. We have to head up to Farmington today so I have to cut this short. I would love Broc's and Zach's addresses. The leaves have not turned pretty yet. I think mom will like me leaving Fredericktown>.< Ther are less tornadoes in other places. Did you know the worst recorded tornado was here in the Fredericktown area. It was in the 1920's It started in Annapolis Missouri it traveled 600 miles across 3 states and killed 600 people. The base of the tornado was 1 mile wide. (He should now that I read about that tornado last spring when  all of the tornados were happening) I'll probably send some pictures next week.  Love ya bye,
Transfers are the 19th so keep that in mind when sending packages and letters.

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