Monday, October 31, 2011

     So I am a little short on time because we have so much to do today. Yes! I do love Alton it is the most wonderful place ever. A lot of the roads are brick which makes it amazing. My companions are elder Kennedy and elder McDaniel. They are fantastic! You asked if I had ever heard of anyone training two new missionaries at once and no I haven't. But, President Clark must think I am doing something right. I can tell I am going to love this place! I can see so much success happening. The members are wonderful and I can see a missionary work explosion! So in this area missionaries usually gain a lot of weight because they feed you so much! There is a member here his name is Lynn Ennis! He is the Best! He gives us rides everywhere! He also works for a food company so he gives us tons of food! I have to go - I am so sorry this is so short! I have to email the president much longer emails now. I will write more next week.
                                                         Love, Elder Campbell

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