Monday, November 21, 2011


    Well they said I needed my glasses as soon as possible so they started making them right away, even before you called and paid for them. The people there were very nice.>.< So there are a thousand things that I should send pictures of because there are some really famous things out here. Anyway back to the glasses and eye condition. It turns out that I am farsighted and needed a prescription... not to pumped about wearing glasses all the time but if it takes away my headache I'm all for it. So, being farsighted and still having 20-20 vision causes your eyes to over focus, also, my eyes are different prescriptions so that doesn't help with the headache thing. Basically my eyes were over working my brain and I also have enlarged pupils which makes my eyes light sensitive which also causes headaches. I can't explain it well so hopefully the eye place can. So I have tinted glasses that also get darker in the sun and make me look smart. It is hard to find glasses that don't make your face look fatter than it really is.
    I have been too busy to write to the Houghtans. I'll probably write them soon. I hope I get a notice when the baby is born and when they are getting sealed in the temple. If you want to do something for me. Please Pray for us to find an investigator. We have worked for 6 weeks and have not been able to find one investigator. So it would be so kind of you if you could pray for us to find people to teach.
    Thank you so much for all the cards and such!!! I'll try to take more pictures because at this rate I'll only have used one memory card by the end of my mission! Love Ya! I'll let you know how the headaches go with my new glasses. It might take a few weeks to know if the glasses are going to help.

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  1. Carol, I'm so glad that they were able to hopefully find something to help Alex! Good luck and keep us posted!