Monday, November 7, 2011


     I Loved Halloween Here!  I NEED TUNA!!!!!!!!!!! I could use some more socks.... Yes, I got the package from Hawaii. Thank you very much! So Training is tough! I don't know why I am training so soon but I learn so much at the same time and I get to go to a ton of great meetings.
     I miss Griffin! I miss Max a lot. He better be getting ready for his mission!!!!! I never had to tract very much in Fredericktown because we had so many investigators. We have to tract here a lot...but it is so ineffective. If members would get involved we could put the Lord's time to better use.
     Did you know that Teej's sister just moved to Hawaii and you we're probably there when she was!!! The Fergurson's ( a family in the ward) just left today for Hawaii.
                                                      My HUGE pile of leaves.
                                                Enjoying a drink in my new turtle mug.
                                     Elder Kennedy looks a little worried about his companion.                                                                                                             So it was Elder Mc Daniel who left to go to the Netherlands. Elder Kennedy is here in Alton with me. There are too many things to tell you about so I'll send some pictures.
                                                              Love, Elder Campbell

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