Tuesday, November 15, 2011


   Well a quick story for you about my headaches. they have been the worst they have ever been on my mission but I don't let it stop me. I might go through horrible pain but when the lord asks me to do something he always provides a way for me to so it. Wether it is my headache going away for 30 minutes or someone else filling my shoes during my last weeks in Frederictown. I had some really bad headaches and the past week in Alton has been almost unbearable, headache wise. But, there is a reason I came to Alton and why my headaches have been so bad lately. They believe they have found what causes my headaches and why I ge so tense. Remember Lynn the amazing member I told you about? He went through the same thing in his life. It started affecting him in his teens and got worse and worse as he got older to the point where he would black out. Mine have been getting worse and worse. Well remember we never went to an eye doctor about my headaches. Lynn was sensitive to light like I am and we both see really well at night. My pupils dilate often and so do Lynn's. He had to change the amount of light that enters his pupils. This sensitivity to light also causes stress to the neck and shoulder area. Also, his headaches would start in the back of the head that is where light and color are processed by the brain. My headaches were on the right side of my head, I am left eye dominant and the left eye transmits to the back right side of the brain and the right eye to the left. I don't know why I haven't n put the pieces of the puzzle together before (this being stuff I already knew)... Lynn fixed his headaches with tinted glasses and different tints work with different people. I forgot the actual name of what this symptom is called, but there is a name for it and it is something pretty new. I.m sure it is ok if I use our insurance for an eye doctor appointment. The day when Lynn, The Maclaims and I were talking about my headaches we also got a letter in the mail that there was a place giving 50% off of glasses this month.... I don't think all of this is by chance.
    Anyways on a lighter note Alton is great and the future looks good, Things are not going very well as far as missionary work but we can find comfort knowing that we are fight a good fight and not giving up. Elder Kennedy loves cookies and cream bars. Thank you so much for the packages they always make my week so much better. Speaking of feeding missionaries, ( I told him we were having the missionaries over for dinner) people feed us too much here, missionaries have been known to gain 35 pounds here in Alton. I have to be careful not to gain all of the weight I lost back. I just keep working it off.
    I am very excited about the possibility of my headaches going away even if it means wearing glasses the rest of my life. I'll be a new person. I'll be able to think so much better. But, even if it doesn't do the trick I've shown my heavenly Father a strong will and that I won't give up. I know I will be blessed for that! I can't wait to take you and dad and hopefully Sarah and Max to all the places that I have served, you will be so proud. Alright, time to go, I would love to hear from Zack Peterson and Max again>.<
Tell Max he will never beat me at video games because those who do the Lords will are blessed and receive strength in all things. Bye Bye Now.
                                                     Elder Campbell

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