Tuesday, November 29, 2011


     No I haven't got my glasses yet they are being so slow! but, I pick them up tomorrow. We spent Thanksgiving with part member and less active families. We had 4 invitations for Thanksgiving dinner but only made it to two. (The people like us here.) >.< We started by playing football in the morning then we went for Thanksgiving lunch at the Greens home. Joe, the dad, is not a member but he is the one that invited us. He got up at 7 a.m. to start cooking for us. .>.< It was sooooooooo good! There son wants to be baptized, he is super cool and was so happy when he found out we were the one that teach people so they can be baptized. When we left the Green's we went to the bishop's home and there were a lot of non members there. Oh, my goodness it so so goooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood!!!!! That is the most amazing thing this week and we got a referral from the bishop and another member. And we have another investigator that wants so badly to come to church and be baptized. The problem has been finding him a ride. you see he is really big. but I think we have worked that out so he can be baptized soon.
     Yes, I did get your favorite Thanksgiving card and yes I did laugh very hard! I will get Lynn's address for you next week. Tell dad and Sarah Thank you for the letters. Oh and for Christmas I wan Onzies pajamas with footies and everything, with Turtles on them if possible. (That should keep me busy trying to find those). Oh, and lets see I got sick. I'll try not to tract in the freezing wind and rain for a little while. I'm so excited to get my glasses! My headaches have gotten a little better because it has been so cloudy and dark it has given my eyes a rest. I still have some what of a headache hopefully the glasses will fix that.
      Tonight we are going to a park that is covered in Christmas lights so I will have more pictures next week. Lynn went with us to try and visit a referral yesterday we ended up being in the bad part of town where we don't tract because Lynn will have a heart attack because this is apparently where everyone gets shot. Don't worry we only go there to visit appointments, no tracting) but lynn was all jumpy and stuff. It was so funny I told him to just drop us off and we'll tract here. You should have seen his face! Lynn always makes sure we have food and arranges rides for us. One time the elders were stuck in their apartment because of a really bad storm and Lynn called 9 different pizza places to find one that would deliver Pizza to these hungry Elders. Everyone seems to want to feed us. We got 2 dozen farm fresh eggs. So even though I'm coughing to death and I have intense headaches - I am loving it! >.< This is what I signed up for =) I would love some nyquil I am all out of that and as for coats and winter clothing I am good except for some thermals.
     I loved Zack's letter it made me laugh so hard! Tell max I do not agree with griefing in minecraft.The scriptures even talk about it you see Satan can only destroy he does not have the gift of creation like god.. Man are given the ability to create so Max should exercise his godliness and create not destroy.
Elder Mason is becoming a district leader!!!! You should send him a letter. Just address it to the mission office with his name on it. All righty then I think that is everything.
                                                            Love, Elder Campbell

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