Tuesday, December 6, 2011


     Sorry I didn't get a chance to email yesterday. I had a meeting with Elder Malm so I am emailing on Tuesday. ( Little does he know that I almost called the mission president to tell him that I know Alex is dyeing of the flu and nobody knows. I am so glad I didn't call!) So Yes I have my glasses and YES they make a difference. It just makes everything easier to see. I have not had a bad headache since I got them. The members are fighting over who gets to feed us so that is great. It was great to hear from Zach. No more headaches is the best Christmas Present ever!!!!!! We have a baptism coming up!  I am so happy. Thank you for your prayers. Sorry it is so short I've just had so much on my mind and what not. Love ya and I'll write more later.  Love, Elder Campbell

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