Monday, January 9, 2012

Staying in Alton! =)


Elder Kennedy and I are staying Alton! I am becoming disatrict leader but I'll have a really great district to watch over. It has been so hot!!!!!! It was 72 degrees!!!! We were sweating from the heat in January!!! So William is going to be baptized this month and Brian is getting closer to baptism. Things are going great.
I am getting soooooooooooooo fat here!!!!! Everyone is feeding us too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is o.k. I'll sweat it off this summer. Everyone is so happy we are staying in Alton well I think everyone.... TELL SARAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Time is going by so fast sometimes the days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days!!!  I hope I can be a good leader for the missionaries here! If you could send me some fake spiders and snakes and really scary bugs and oh some pokemon cards!!!! I would love those!! I give them to the kids here but I keep the nice ones and I mail them to Mason and Teej. It is fun I think! Hopefully I'll have pictures of Lynn's house next week, I have been really slow on that.

I love my glasses!!!! I took them off for about an hour yesterday, when I was writing in my journal and I got one of my old headaches! Man, I don't know how I did anything when I had a headache all the time. If I do a lot of reading or writing with out my glasses that is when I get a bad headaache. So video games would have brought the headaches on. School would have been a loose loose situation. Naps always helped them feel better because it gave my eyes and brain a rest. Love ya much, it looks like I am going to get really really busy and stressed >.< GAHHHH!!!! BUT IT IS ALL GOOD.  LOVE YA!!! BYE
                                                        ELDER CAMPBELL

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