Monday, January 30, 2012

My new best friend

                         SNAPPING TURTLE!!!! HE IS SO BIG! HE LIVES IN GRAFTON!! 
                                                       WE ARE BEST FRIENDS! 
     WILLIAM'S BAPTISM!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! NOTHING WAS STOPPING HIM =) This week was so busy with district leader zone leader conference. We had like 5 hours of driving one day... We had to take some Waterloo elders home which was super neat because one of them was Elder Ashley and he had just left Frederictown. =)  So we got to talk about the things that had happened there and all the people I miss so much. I Love William! he is amazing! Every time I sit by him at church I am so HAPPY! I have to train at district meeting on Wednesday and I don't know what to talk about. I like to have every thing down and ready to go about 3 days early so it is stressing me out and I couldn't focus this morning so I didn't get anything down and some people were yelling downstairs so that didn't help either, but all is well. I have to drive some more tomorrow to president interviews. It is annoying to have to correct other missionaraies and rebuke them when it is needed so if I'm ever just a normal missionary again I'm going to make sure I am a blessing and not a burden to my leaders. Well I guess I could try my best to be a blessing to my zone leaders but I am so new at this sometimes it feels like I'm always a burden. The district is doing good so that is a huge help and only small disobedience so I really shouldn't complain. So the winter here has been really mild... It should be 60 degrees today. I hope the summer is nice and mild too. This week flew past so fast.
     Tell Max thanks for saving Darwin and to always listen to the Holy Ghost when it tells you to do something =) and that I love him even though it is hard to love a turd.  >.< Ask some questions so I have something to write about! One thing I can write about is Larrry. He is a less active man. He has like 16 fishing poles, 6 axes, 30 knives and 5 guns in his tiny house. We get along great!!!
                                                                           Love ya,  Elder Campbell

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