Monday, February 6, 2012

     So this week flew by...... William is doing great he was ordained to be a priest yesterday. Bill another investigator came to church and loved it... Now for the kicker! The baptist minister came to church. I hope it really helped him. I feel that he wants to get his family there!!!! I can't wait to see him this Wednesday. I haven't seen him for 4 weeks because of meetings/exchanges. So in the meeting we talked about secret stuff that only I can know>.< actually the mission has set up an evacuation plan. President Clark felt inspired to do so maybe something crazy is going to go down!!! So every time we pray we do 10 push ups! It adds up to about 150 push ups a day. By Sunday we are sore and so that is our rest day. The picture is of us putting spider webs up in Lynn's closet. He loved it.
     The ward mission leader asked us to go visit a less active family so we did and they were way cool. We talked about scuba diving and stuff so hopefully we can get them coming back to church and they can bring thier friends with them. They certified in Piedmont Missouri!!! That is in my old area and I Loved piedmont. The Houghtons are from Piedmont. He was like you have probably never heard of theis place Piedmont and my eyes lit up and in Bonnie Terre north of Fredericktown they have lead mines that have been flooded that you can dive 200+ feet... That is a little scary but it would be fun. I don't know how other missionaries email so much I can't think of anything else to write about. So sorry you'll just have to wait 1 year 2 months>.< bye, Love ya, Elder Campbell

Just be glad I can email because if I had to hand write a little you would only get a letter once a month hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I still need to write Elder Hartman and Nick Beatty and somebody else I can't remember who!

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