Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HELLO,  CHESTERFIELD IS A GREAT PLACE! Fredericktown is still doing great, I know because I am sitting here with Elder Bullock!  He is not my new companion, my new companion is Elder Hinton. He is from Logan, Utah. We have been going to a lot of meetings and more meetings and more meeting and the we do a lot of planning! We have found 4 new investigators this week and we hope to find some more! I really like it here so far and as for being a zone leader, I LOVE IT! IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! I love being able to meet withe the president and give him ideas that will help push the mission along!!! So I hate to ask but could you send me some money.  My first day in the big city  I got a ticket. I made an improper left had turn. Traffic is really hard to get used to again. Sorry it won't happen again. But the good thing is that I really love it here =) I hope I can keep up the good work. I have to conduct zone conference. I'm a little nervous about that so please pray for me and Elder Hinton. Our new apartment is small and dirty, hopefully soon it will be small and clean. My new companion is super! he is so funny and amazing and Elder Bullock, who I love, is is our zone.
    My new address is
    Elder Alex Campbell
    14880-1 Tramore Drive
    Chesterfield, MO 63017

Me, Elder Newbi and Lynn.
I know Lynn's wonderful cooking has added more than a few pounds so now I am working hard at loosing weight!

This is called a Boosukie. It is a half cooked, fresh out of the oven cookie with ice cream o the top and brownie batter poured all over the top! It is so good and we only eat them after special events!

Our lovely apartment!

I love that he has Max and Griffins picture on the fridge!

I am sure he will work on making his bed!
Everything is going great in Alton too. Lynn emails me and lets me know what is going on. I am going to miss him so much!   Love,
                                                     Elder Campbell

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