Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years in Alton

     So as for New Years all missionaries had to be in by 3p.m. and clean until 9 p.m. so it wasn't a super fun day but we did get a lot of cleaning done, other than that I just bothered Lynn. Transfer calls are on this Saturday and that means I would leave on Wednesday. We will see what the lord has planned for me. Staying here in Alton or moving on to another area. Alton is so different than Fredericktown. Jordan is the only investigator that we have found and hopefully the seed that we planted in his family will grow and his family will become an eternal family. So a burger King opened here and it is Lynn's favorite place ever! We went there for the grand opening. It was loads of fun.
     It is hard to believe that Brayden will be back so soon and Teej has been out for one year. I'm still forever away though. I feel after Max's mission and Sarah's trials she has gone through we will be the strongest family ever. I believe that 100%. We have a lot of weaknesses as a family but our weaknesses will become strengths when we go though trials and we support each other. BUT YOU ALL STILL ANNOY ME >.<            Love,  Elder Campbell=)

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