Monday, January 30, 2012

Strange tidal fluctuations!

My best friend! Elder Mason
                                          Me and Elder Kennedy freezing in the Illinois cold!
                                                                   My four egg omelet!

  Well as far as the Alton Eagle Watch goes - I have only seen one eagle because the weather has been so warm here the Eagles are staying up north but now that the weather has cooled down maybe they will come down soon. they have a hundred year old snapping turtle north of Alton so I want to go see it. >.< And as for your turtle count on the cruise, (the official turtle count was zero) I see more turtles than you. I saw about one a day in Fredericktown. William is being baptized this month! It is going to be super great! I Love him. The district is going really well, they all seem to love me, well I hope so anyway.

The ice storms are crazy here! Like everything is covered with a sheet of ice after a storm! the whole town is black ice!!!! cars can't do anything on the road!!! It is crazy and fun to play on. Elder Kennedy hurt his bum and I hurt my shoulder and pinky>.< haha. I better get extra packages when you get home from your cruise. Oh I have the best ties ever! Lynn gave me some of his ties from the 70s hahahahahahahahaha they look so fly! oh and I bought a pink suit jacket....... It was only 8 dollars and a great fit!!!!! Lynn got a purple one for 4 dollars!

Well being a district lead is fun and it gets my mind off of other things and it is fun to serve my district. I need to grow a little before I can be a zone leader but I hope to be worthy of it soon. I don't really care if I get it or not as long as I know I am able and worthy to have such trust put in me then I am happy. I got a bad headache yesterday but it only lasted about an hour.

I am sure Max and Dad are doing fine being home by themselves, it is good for them. Well time is flying by and sometime I wish it would slow down a little and then I think wait I hope it keeps going fast>.<

So I have been hearing that the they have been having strange tidal fluctuations all over the world they say it has something to do with the melting of the polar ice caps but I know it is just you getting in and out of the water! I AM SO FUNNY! Haha I am back to my old self - o.k. back to being serious >,< no wait I am serious about your weight! seriously concerned >.< seriously concerned hahahahahahahaha. Gosh I am so funny.
                                             Love ya!!!!!! take it easy >.<


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