Wednesday, August 10, 2011


     I thought I had sent you some pictures of the apartment. I will send them soon =) My Camara is kind of missing =( I think it is in South Saint Louis in an elders apartment). It has been really stormy here lately but it has cooled down 20 degrees so I'm not complaining even though I like biking around when it is 115 degrees outside. Oh, by the way, I am down another belt size! That is really cool, so basically I have turned into the Bronze god of Missouri. I can bike forever now and I am in super good shape. I like the thunder storms now because it doesn't really look like a tornado could pop out of them at any moment.
    The Catholic academy is in the middle of the forest. Fredericktown is surrounded on 3 sides by the Mark Twain national forest. So I am in the most beautiful part of Missouri. I love it out here! I love sweating so much that I drink five bottles of water a day. I love working hard! I had another baptism this week so now I have four. I am trying really hard to double the standards of excellence. I'll keep doing my best and hopefully I'll get there. I really want to baptize the Boatright family before I get transferred. I Love them so much. I will probably be leaving Fredericktown soon. I know everyone in town and I think they are getting sick of me. I have more fans than foes in Fredericktown. Everyone might not join the church but everyone can love Elder Campbell! I would really love to serve in East Saint Louis because the people love missionaries there. ( I have heard East Saint Louis is one of the poorest places in the United States, so of course that is where Alex would want to serve.) Fredericktown has 20 different churches. Every corner has a Pasteur that lives on it.
    I did hear someone yell Campbell when we were walking to the zoo so that must of been Elder Beatty. Elder Rudd is from Sugar City, Idaho. We get along great. He was into Speech and Drama in high school. I don't think I have told you about Elder Mason. He is a missionary in my district. There are only four of us so we are really close. Elder Mason and I are the best of friends he is like Teej and Brad all rolled into one. He is from Ephraim, Utah. He has talked me into going to Snow College for two years when I get back. The super activity was a blast. Elder Mason and I spent the whole time at the zoo.
    So no one has yelled at us lately, oh never mind, some one yelled," the devil loves You," not too long ago. So my Fredericktown story of the week goes to the Orton's this week. We were over at their house house and the father has just told us that a police officer had just shot a deer that had come into town and had broken it's two front legs. Just a few minutes later his son came in with two unskined deer legs, dripping with blood. Now comes the best part, he said, " do you want these in the sink or the tub"? Gahh, I started laughing so hard. So Elder Rudd is the driver right now and he is a really good driver he just  drives a little slower than most people.When we were going to Cape, which is an hour away, we got passed on a one lane highway by a log truck. It gets better though on the way home we got passed like twenty times. We were on a curvy road with a double yellow line when a little old grandma with puffy hair flies past us.
    My foot is doing really well. I am able to walk on it all day. I don't have to wear the boot anymore which is really nice. You guys better be getting in better shape so we can do fun stuff when I get home.
    Oh, and I love the family history please send more. ( I couldn't get him to read family history if I paid him before his mission). Oh and I need more money!  Love,  Elder Campbell

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