Monday, August 1, 2011

Pictures and a Letter!!!!

     This week has been really great! We taught 13 lessons this week, 5 member present lessons and 8 others. I see that other missionaries talk about the people that they are teaching so I guess I should start too. Nick will be baptized this Sunday, he just moved in to the the Bass's ranch, out in the country. It is a 200 acre ranch and it is really beauatiful. His mom, Candice, was really against the Mormon religion but over the last month or so she has warmed up to it and is now letting her son get baptized and she is reading thee book of Mormon. The Boatwrights are a family we are teaching. I love them, they are going to make me chocolate gravy for me. They have six kids all within 8 years of each other and they are all well behaved!!!
The Vaccas are another family that I love, they came to church last week, that is a miracle because they are super active in their own church but are slowly converting to the Gospel. There is a bunch of other people but I don't really like to talk about the people I'm teaching and the first presidency told missionaries not to write too much about the people they are teaching.
     Thank you for all the Tuna!!! I don't think you'll have to send anymore because we have a ton. Thank you so much for all for all of the stuff. Thank you for the new bike tube. How did you know mine went flat again? I didn't think I told you. Tell Zach thank you so much for the package! =) That made me so happy. I'll have to send my I-pod back so you can put some new stuff on it. I neat to send a lot of stuff home before I get transferred because I have too much stuff.
     It has been super hot here and this stupid boot I have to wear does not help. Tearing ligaments in your leg is not Cool but it is healing well. The Catholic academy is huge! It is 200 years old! The restaurant  is really nice, they were super busy last time we went there, which is super good because they really need the business. I am blessed to be in this area, I love Fredericktown, even though it is covered in drugs and sinful things we are extremely blessed. I have been able to have 3 baptisms which doesn't sound like a lot compared to other missions but the standards of excellence for this area is twelve baptisms for their whole mission. I am so happy I get to stay in Fredericktown hopefully the Boatwrights will be baptized soon.
      It was really stressful for Elder Beatty to leave. I will miss him a lot. I am sure he will call you sometime. I really like Elder Rudd. He is a really great teacher. It turns out that some of his cousins went to Brighton so I knew a few of them.
      There are some really messed up people out here and they make for great stories. Witch lady is one of them. She told us that witches break into her house when ever she leave. While she was telling us this I noticed she had drawn crosses all over her house and door. Then we notices pages of a book were taped up all over the windows of her house. We noticed they were pages from the Book of Mormon.
She said these worked the best to keep the witches out..... A normal day in Fredericktown, yet again.
     THE SUPER ACTIVITY IS NEXT WEEK!!! We earned it by handing out 1800 Book of Mormons. Elder Beatty and I pulled our weight helping with this. We are always low on Book of Mormons. It is going to be sweet. We get two days off to pl.ay. We are going to forest park in St. Louis! The entire mission is going. Oh and by the  way cous cous is amazing and fast which is Missionary friendly. Oh my new favorite thing to say is from the movie "Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration" It is a line from when they are here in Missouri, 'Missouri proved to be the refiners fire: hahaha, I love to say it when someone slams the door in our face.   Love Ya, Elder Campbell

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