Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Want to stay??????? Want to go??????????

   We found the Boatwrights! They are doing super well. They are praying and reading he Book of Mormon They just haven't made it to church. We have even taken them on a church tour...We need to set a new baptism date for them. If I get transferred I won't get to see them get baptized. I love them so much they are a great family. Baptizing the Boatwrights would make my mission, but maybe I'm supposed to go somewhere else and let someone else enjoy the blessings of baptizing someone. I would also miss the Orten's baptism which we just set for September 11, kind of a weird day for a baptism but at least it is a date. I would love to see all of them baptized, so I really don't want to leave Fredericktown but at the same time I really want to leave. This place is wearing me out.... It is super stressful trying to plan for this area and find work... It is hard to stay busy and if you don't stay busy then things start to get really hard. I'll get to spend two days up in Farmington with Elder Mason and Elder Christensen so that will be a nice break for me. Last week I spent two days in Farmington and one in Jackson that was really fun. One thing for sure the meeting house will have to be enlarged because if the Boatwrights do come to church they will have to stand because the church is at full capacity. So if I stay I will have spent 1/4th of my mission in Fredericktwon! THAT IS SO CRAZY THAT I AM SUPER CLOSE TO BEING 1/4 DONE WITH MY MISSION! When you have 25 investigators time flies. I feel like I'm serving a South American mission in Missouri. So if I may I would like to ask the family to pray for the Boatwrights, in the family prayer in the morning. Would you also pray for the Orton's? That would be wonderful. Oh, I know where my camera is I just have to wait for it to come in the mail from St. Louis.  I'll send you some more pictures when I get it back! I'll get some more crazy stories for next week.

Elder Campbell

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