Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spiders and Bugs

     So this week was interesting........ I've been here 4 months and me and Elder Beatty worked the place over. Elder Beatty was a super hard worker and we contacted everyone we saw and wasted no time. I've met almost everyone in town. Now the people love me here. People are always waving at us and smiling and talking to us because they saw me and Elder Beatty all the time. The Boatwrights have vanished off the face of the earth the last 2 days so they were not at church.  The Ortens came to church though!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so happy to see them there. 
      Thank you for the package. all the other missionaries are jealous but don't worry I share with everyone.   
By the way I love the ties the 3 green ones are fantastic.!!! I will use the Pizza Hut card just not here in Fredericktown the Pizza Hut has a really really bad bug problem. In fact all of downtown Fredericktown is closed down right now (all six buildings) because the bugs were so bad. Some of the kids that lived there had to be placed with family services because the bugs were so bad. I think the worst bug experience I had was I when I was giving a blessing and the bugs started to crawl out of the ladies hair and onto my arms. I will never forget that day! Well bugs don't bother me much anymore. Oh, the spiders out here are so big. There is this black and yellow orbit spider that is huge and the guys wife will not let him kill it, and I can't even tell you how many spiders I have found tearing off the siding of the Vacca's house. 
     Well, I should probably get to the good stories of the week. First up is "gospel basher lady and husband" so we were out tracting on College St. when a vey nice lady let us in and gave us a glass of water and let us sit on her couch then she started yelling at us about Joseph Smith being a false prophet. We just tried to be polite and tried to excuse ourselves and get out with out her becoming anymore upset. So as we were trying to leave she is still yelling at us and then she invites us over for dinner. =)  Anyways on to another story and this one is great. It was about 9:30 at night and it was very dark we were riding home from an appointment we were on our bikes.  I was riding with one hand and carrying a box of raisin bran in the other hand Brother Orton works for a cereal company and he had given us a box of raisin bran. So I hit a little bump and yelled to Elder Rudd that this Raisin Bran was really throwing off my balance. Then I hit a big ditch and went down. I ate the road like a champ. Elder Rudd hears the sound of metal scraping against the road. He gets off his bike and runs back to me and finds me laying in a pool of liquid around my head. It looked like I was mortally wounded. But, have no fear Elder Campbell is a Tank and nothing can hurt him!  The liquid all over the road was a bottle of syrup I had in my back pack and the sound of metal scraping the asphalt was from some butter knives I had used in the lesson I was teaching. I think Elder Rudd almost had a heart attack when he first saw me laying there in the road. I always wear my helmet so no need to worry mom. =) Elder Campbell is safe and his ankle is doing wonderful! It is bigger than my other ankle but very little pain and I have full movement. 
     Max, good job! way to get your learner permit. I can't wait to come home and beat you at everything again! =) Do good in school. How is Sarah? I have not heard from her in a while. I hope everything is great for her. She is probably just busy. Oh and I have a million more stories to tell you about Fredericktown!    Love,   Elder  Campbell

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